Growing from past trauma

A few months ago I started seeing a therapist. For the most part this was to help me overcome a series of panic attacks that I was having when South Africa wouldn't move out and would just go psycho on my ass. I'll write about that again another day. Part of seeing the therapist was … Continue reading Growing from past trauma

A New Era

July 31st 2020. This date marks a turning point in my year: the date that my ex finally moved out. More than 6 months since we broke up, and way more than a few months overdue. As we headed into tighter lockdown restrictions due to the plague, it was getting tedious having to see him … Continue reading A New Era

It Irks

I promise that this blog is┬ánot going to become a list of complaints that I have about the ex boyfriend that I'm living with. Once I'm out there dating again, we'll go back to the regular content. In the meantime, let me vent. For the last week we've had a massive fight over the saga, … Continue reading It Irks